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Saturday, Saturday, September 9, 9:45 A.M. Registration, 10:00 A.M. Main Presentation

Brooklyn Park Library Branch
1 East 11th Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225
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PRESENTATION TOPIC--  Behavioral Finance

We often find ourselves torn between emotion and logic when making decisions. We also know that people decide differently under pressure or if high risks are involved—exactly the kind of scenario experienced by investors. We find that investors often expend too much energy trying to avoid making hard choices by looking for an informational advantage that will guarantee them a “sure thing.” Instead investors should simply focus on making better decisions. While none of us can avoid behavioral biases completely, processes can be put in place to help avoid the potential impact of these errors. In this presentation, we discuss a number of behavioral biases what can be done to limit their impact.

1.Why Behavioral Finance is relevant for investors.
2. How Behavioral Biases can affect investor decisions.
3. What can be done to limit the impact of Behavioral Biases.

Philip Weiss
Apprise Wealth Management

Speaker Biography:
Phil Weiss has extensive financial and client services experience in equity research and portfolio management. Phil is a CFA® charterholder and a CPA. He takes a value-centric, fundamental-based approach to all aspects of portfolio management and security research. He recently launched Apprise Wealth Management (http://www.apprisewealth.com), a fee-only RIA focused on providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services and education to those looking for assistance and believes it is a privilege to manage the retirement assets of others. Primarily while working as a Senior Analyst for Argus Research, he has served as a featured media spokesperson on networks such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He has also written weekly commentary on investment-related topics.

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