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Saturday, Saturday, December 9, 9:45 A.M. Registration, 10:00 A.M. Main Presentation

Brooklyn Park Library Branch
1 East 11th Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225
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PRESENTATION TOPIC--  Year End Tax Planning

It doesn't matter how much you make, it is how much you keep. Paying the least amount of taxes takes more than just an annual tax preparation meeting, it taxes planning and strategies. We will be discussing end of year strategies as well as the Warren Buffet strategy of paying at a lower tax rate than his secretary. We will address the pending Trump tax changes as well as give concrete examples on things you can do today to reduce or eliminate RMD's, how to cut your self employment tax in half, and how to capture those passive losses, how to handle low basis real estate holdings, and other end of year tax strategies.

1. About end of year tax strategies.
2. Things you can do to reduce RMD's.
3.  About the pending tax changes.

Michael Canet
Managing Director Prostatis Financial

Speaker Biography:
Michael Canet attended law school at the Catholic University of America. He earned his LLM in taxation from the University of Baltimore. He is a founding member of Prostatis Financial Advisors Group, with four offices covering Baltimore, Washington, and Northern Virginia. Canet is the host of “The Savvy Investor,” a nationally recognized financial planning radio show on WCBM and WRC.

He is the author of two Amazon #1 books: “Surviving the Perfect Storm” and “SuccessOnomics with Steve Forbes.”

In 2011, the governor appointed Canet to the State Board of Individual Tax Preparers as a state regulator. He currently sits on the board of Vino Scholastico, a fundraising division of the Scholarship Foundation at Howard Community College.

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