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Presidential Message

In response to two requests I have received, I would like to invite you to a short meeting following our formal presentation on Oct 12th. The topics to be discussed will be:

1) setting up a program committee
2) the possibility of adding an investment discussion group.

Rod Summerford is our Program Chair. He has done an excellent job of providing quality speakers on timely topics for several years. You can see the result of his work in the growth of attendance at our monthly meetings. Rod has plans to travel more in the future, so he will have less time to devote to this effort. He has agreed to continue as leader of the program committee and share his knowledge of obtaining speakers who will help us grow our knowledge of how to become a better investor. If you have been wondering how you might contribute to our group or thought we could use coverage of some other topics, now is your chance to help. Please consider volunteering for this important committee. Without our speaker’s program, there would be no meeting. See Rod or myself at the Oct 12th meeting for further details of what is involved. If several people step forward, minimal effort will be required of each one.

Several people have expressed an interest in an informal discussion group that would discuss stock ideas and investment topics such as the earlier presentation.
We have no specific format planned – that is why we would like to meet with all interested parties. I do not anticipate starting a SIG with speakers. This meeting, though informal would require some structure. Remember the stock discussion lunches of several years ago that faded away? If you are interested in such a group, think about what you would like the meeting to provide for you. Some ideas might be new stock ideas or investing topics of which you have some knowledge that have not been covered by our presentations. We would also need to determine an appropriate format, topics for future meetings, leadership and criteria for contributing meaningful information. We have the meeting room at the library until 1 pm, so the meeting could be held after the regular meeting, or we could set up another time and date.

I look forward to seeing you on Oct. 12th.

Susan Fanti
AAII Baltimore Chapter President

Saturday, October 12 2013 , 9:45 A.M. Registration, 10:00 A.M. Main Presentation

Brooklyn Park Library Branch
1 East 11th Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225

PRESENTATION TOPIC--  Insights from my Forty-year Journey Towards Profitable Investing


I will draw upon the materials I use to teach technical analysis to honor students at the University of Maryland. The presentation will span such areas as the useful information that I have gleaned and adapted from my published gurus, my strategies using TC2000 and IBD to time the market and minimize risk, and my development of the WishingWealth General Market Index (GMI).

How I time the market, scan for stocks and limit risk in the stock market. I will illustrate how I avoided the 2000-2002 and 2008 market declines. I will also introduce the concept of green line tops and how I produce them. Ample time will be reserved for questions and discussion.

Persons wishing to learn how to use technical analysis to guide their stock selection and to manage their risk may find value in this educational presentation. Boomers like me, who wish to make a reasonable return without taking large risks may be especially interested in this session. The principles to be taught may also be useful for protecting funds invested in mutual funds and pension accounts.

Eric D. Wish, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Research, University of Maryland, CESAR

Dr. Wish began investing in his teens in the 1960’s. He came in 5th in the Barron’s Stock Challenge, Professors Division, in 2005. After becoming incensed by the way the media pundits misled the public into staying in the market during the declines in 2000 and 2008, Dr. Wish initiated a highly popular undergraduate honors class, an Introduction to Technical Analysis and the Stock Market, at the University of Maryland in College Park. His goal is to teach young persons what he wishes someone would have taught him about the market while he was in college. Dr. Wish uses Worden’s TC2000 technical analysis software and has appeared as a speaker at Worden sponsored seminars and webinars. Worden has published some of his articles under the pseudonym of Sir Silent Knight. Dr. Wish publishes a daily blog,, where he shares his market analysis and musings.

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$7 per person and per guest with pre-registration after October 9th
$10 per person at-the-door if you are not pre-registered



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Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
:45 A.M. Registration
10:00 A.M. Main Presentation Begins

Brooklyn Park Library Branch
1 East 11th Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21225

Additional Information about this library branch and more detailed instructions may be obtained with this link:

From the Baltimore Beltway (I-695), take Exit 3A (for Ordinance Rd / Ritchie Highway). Make two immediate right turns to Northbound Ritchie Highway.  Travel 1.3 miles inside the beltway.  Just before the McDonald's on the right is 11th Avenue.  Turn right on 11th.  100 yards on the right, turn into what looks like a school driveway (if you pass the school you've gone too far).  Stay to the right.  The building on the right is the library.